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Melanie Travis Mysteries by Laurien Berenson
Dog Eat Dog
Once Bitten
Hush Puppy
Hot Dog
Jingle Bell Bark
Best in Show
Hair of the Dog
A Pedigree to Die For
Allie Babcock series by Leslie O'Kane
Ruff Way to Go
Play Dead
Annie O'Hare & Claudius Mysteries by Ann Campbell
Wolf at the Door
Wolf Tracks
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Rowdy and Kimi' books - Dog Lover's mysteries by Susan Conant
Bride and Groom
The Dogfather
The Wicked Flea
Creature Discomforts
Evil Breeding
The Barker Street Regulars
Animal Appetite
Stud Rites
Black Riboon
Ruffly Speaking
Gone to the Dogs
Paws Before Dying
A Bite of Death
Dead and Doggone
A New Leash on Death 
Maxie and Stretch Mysteries by Sue Henry
The Serpents Trail
Single Books
The Chocolate Puppy Puzzle by Joanna Carl
Add One Dead Critic by Cathie John

Unfortunately we can't read them all!  Please submit book titles that fit this subject!  Any submissions will be submitted for a monthly drawing for a used cozy mystery. 

List prepared by S. Shearer 2004 - Not to be used on other sites


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