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Perfect for parties, book club meetings and just fun with friends.

Need something new for that monthly book club event?  Having a group over for tea and want to add a bit more fun to the afternoon? 
Choose between "Just the Clues" or the "Complete Scavenger Hunt Kit".
In "Just the Clues" you'll receive 15 color copies of the clues on heavy quality paper.  Each sheet is identical and contains 38 items for your group to find.  All sheets are sealed in an envelope so that even the host can play! 
Also included is the list of books/series which inspired each clue. 
Each item is based on either a specific cozy mystery or the genre as a whole.  For example:  Crossword puzzle - This would be for the Puzzle Lady mysteries.
Each packet is $3.00 plus $1.50 S&H.  
Buy now through paypal!  Payment email is: justplaingeorge@yahoo.com
Additional clue sheets available in packs of 5 for $1.00
This is not a camera required scavenger hunt where you have to take and download pictures.  This is an old fashioned, find the items and bring them back to the group.  Sharing the stories of how the items were found and borrowed will make any event memorable! 
Enjoyed the first one?  Order "Just the Clues II"  A whole new list of items! 
The Complete Scavenger Hunt Kit contains:
15 clue sheets
List of books which inspired each clue
Hints and tips on how to host a scavenger hunt
Cheat sheet on places to search for the items
15 invitations with hand cut newspaper lettering for that ransom note appeal!
     Front cover:  Cozy Mystery Scavenger Hunt
     Inside card:  Blank for your address and further information
     (customized cards also available.  Email for quote.)
Total package cost:  $25 plus $3.50 s&h
Buy now through Paypal!  Payment email:  justplaingeorge@yahoo.com
For that extra special touch order a prize for the winners of the scavenger hunt!
Silver mystery charm bracelets are available for $25.00
Single charms available for $7 each
Or order a book from our New Releases page!   
Coming Soon!!! 
Photo Murder Mystery...a modern version of scavenger hunts where each player uses a camera to capture the clues. 

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