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Interested in gardening?  There's a cozy just for you.  Lighthouses?  Not a problem.  So many new cozys come out each year that all interests can be found. 
Don't see a theme you're looking for?  Let us know!  We'll be happy to search and see what we can find.
List prepared by S. Shearer 2004 - Not to be used on other sites.

All animals besides than Cats/Dogs
Mainly books focusing on running a B&B or Inn.
PTA meetings and campus capers.
Book collecters, collections or any mystery focusing on a special book.
Candlemaking, Needlework, Quilting and more!
Canines allowing their human counterparts to solve crimes.
Doesn't quite fit anywhere else yet...
All the holidays featured in books.  Love your Christmas mysteries - this is the place to go!
Scuba, Martial Arts
Ghosts, witches and things that go bump in the night. 
A TV or movie is being filmed.
From planning to the actual event, these murders are all about weddings!
Have another theme you'd like to see??  Please email us and we'll add it!

 List prepared by S. Shearer 2004 - Not to be used on other sites

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